Dress Code Policy

Revised:  November 2017


The purpose of our dress code is to provide Members and their guests with a guide to appropriate dress when visiting Corral de Tierra Country Club.

Official Dress Code:

Please think of the Dress Code within the context of our shared values and mutual respect.  Our adherence to the Dress Code will make our environment more enjoyable and will help sustain the quality of membership and standard of excellence upon which Corral de Tierra Country Club is built.

The Dress Code is applicable to all Members, guests and children while on Club premises.  Club Members shall be responsible for their guests' adherence to the Dress Code at all times.  Club personnel shall be expected to know the Dress Code and assist with enforcing its provisions by promptly informing Club Members of any violation(s) by any member of their party.

Guests shall not be directly approached about violations unless they are using the Club unaccompanied by a Member.  Any violation that is not resolved at the time of the incident shall be reported to the General Manager/COO for further action.

Repeated violations of the Dress Code will subject the attending Member to disciplinary measures under Article XI, Section 4 of the Bylaws.  Refusal to adhere to dress code may result in being denied service.

Clubhouse:  General:

The Clubhouse description related to Roberto's Bar, Grill Room Patio, Lobby and Banquet Rooms.

Country Club casual is acceptable, except for special events that have a defined dress requirement.  Golf and Tennis attire is acceptable.  Shirts must have either a collar or a turtle neck.  All shirts must be tucked in, unless it is designated to be un-tucked.  Sweaters are acceptable without a collar.  Hoodies are not acceptable.  Warm up suits are permitted only until 5:00pm daily.  Footwear must be worn - sandals are acceptable, however flip flops and slides are not acceptable.  Denim slacks, Capri pants, Levis or like kind, designer jeans in good repair are permitted.

Clubhouse: Gender Specific:

Denim pants and shorts are permitted throughout the Clubhouse and must be tasteful and in good condition (no rips, tears or holes).  No Cargo Pants or Cargo Shorts are permitted.  Golf and tennis attire are welcome in the Clubhouse.  Fitness or workout attire is only allowed in the fitness room and locker rooms.  No hats are allowed to be worn in the Clubhouse.

Jeans or denim apparel of any color or design are permitted throughout the Clubhouse.  Denim must be tasteful and in good condition (no rips, tears, hole or bleached-out conditions).  Shirts, blouses and dresses must cover the midriff area.  Short shorts, short skirts and short dresses are not acceptable.  Yoga wear is not acceptable in the Clubhouse, unless specifically worn while attending yoga classes.

Fitness Center and Locker Rooms: General:

The Fitness Room must be entered by the downstairs entrance. No access to the Fitness Room available from the Clubhouse main entrance. No food items permitted in the Fitness Room. Please refrain from talking on your cell phone. Cell phones are permissible for checking texts, emails, internet and voicemails.   

Acceptable Attire:
Shirts/tops and shoes are to be worn at all times.  Hats and visors are acceptable in Locker Rooms and Fitness Center.  Hats must be worn with the bill facing forward at all times.  Shoes must be worn at all times and are required to be designed for fitness.  No boots, golf shoes, flip flops or street shoes are acceptable in the fitness center or locker rooms.

Unacceptable Attire: 
Head bands and bandanas, swimming attire, strapless or bare midriff tops, cut-off pants, t-shirts, jeans or denim apparel for men, blue jeans or denim for women, cargo pants or shorts for men.  Golf shoes and work boots are not permitted.

Golf Course: General:

The golf attire standards relate to the pro shop, golf course and practice facility.  Standards are required for all golfers and non-golfers in these areas.

Proper attire on the Golf Course and Practice Facilities and in the Golf Shop is expected to conform in style to that which is sold in the Corral de Tierra Country Club Golf Shop.  Golf shoes or appropriate athletic shoes must be worn.  No flip flops or slides are permitted.  Golf hats must have the bill facing forward.

Golf Course:  Gender Specific:

No jeans or denim apparel of any style, color or design are permitted on the Golf Course or Practice Facilities.  No cargo pants or cargo shorts are permitted on the Golf Course or Practice Facilities.  Shirts must be tucked in, unless designed to be worn un-tucked.  Golf hats must be worn with the bill facing forward.

Jeans or denim apparel of any color other than blue are permitted on the Golf Course and Practice Facilities.  No yoga pants or fitness attire is permitted on the Golf Course.

Tennis Courts:  General:

Players must wear appropriate tennis attire and tennis court footwear.  Women's tennis skirts must cover undergarments.  Men must wear a shirt with sleeves, t-shirts are permitted.  Shirts may be worn un-tucked.  Hats must be worn with the bill facing forward.

Swimming Pool:

Acceptable Attire:
The swimming pool is a family-friendly environment and all swimwear should be conservative.  Swimming trunks for males and swimming suites for females.  Babies and toddlers not potty-trained must wear a diaper or swim diaper at all times while in the Swimming Pool area.

Unacceptable Attire:
No cut-off shorts.  No bikini thong bottoms are acceptable.  Hats must be worn with bill facing forward.  No one in bathing suit attire is permitted in the Clubhouse, Golf Shop or on the Golf Course, Practice Facilities or Tennis Courts.  Appropriate cover-ups should be worn from the parking lot into the pool area.